Powder coating

For over 17 years we have been painting our products using powder coating technology. In the middle of 2010 we have started off the new, fully automatic and environment-friendly powder-coating line based on the equipment of IDEAL LINE and WAGNER.

Our electrostatic powder-coating line utilises safe, solvent-free technology of the preparation of metal basis and consists of:

  • fully automatic 5-zone spray cleaner which prepares the surface of objects utilising 5 techological processes resulting in a passive polymer layer to appear on the objects being washed,
  • the process of drying after the surface has been prepared,
  • fully automatic cabin made of PCV utilising cyclone retrieval system,
  • the stove solidifying the powder coating,
  • the wastewater treatment system.

The use of high-end, innovative technology of the surface preparation of the objects allotted for powder coating by ALUFINISH (degreasing and chromating No-Rinse method which binds the phosphate layer preparation and the polymer layer, can be used either for the preparation of the surface of iron, steel or galvanized metals, aluminium or copper) has the following advantages:

  • The process of degreasing of the surface is much more eff ective than the one based on organic solvents, by providing better adhesion of the powder coating layer.
  • The polymer layer of the objects has much better characteristics, which provide excellent protective and decorative properties of the powder coating layer imposed. It increases the endurance of the layer and minimizes the process of corrosion.

Max. dimensions of the object to be powder-coated:

  • 2,5 x 2,0 x 0,8 m.
  • 3,3 x 2,0 x 0,2 m.
Powder coating image

The price of the powder coating has to be calculated individually. It depends on various factors, such as: the size, the shape, the purpose, the quantity, the repetitiveness of the order, etc.

The realisation of the process lasts up to 5 days.

We are using only the highest quality powder coatings made by reputable manufacturers (our leading supplier is DuPont). The choice of the powder coating is defi ned by the purpose and the conditions of the usage of the element processed. The choice of the colour is regulated by the RAL palette.

Powder coating image2

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