Computer-Aided Design

Welding and spot welding

  • Diff erent types of steel welding: mild steel, Stainless Steel, acid-resistant.
  • „at will” shape of the object: square profiles, rectangle profiles, circular profiles.
  • Metal sheet welding from 0,6 mm gauge.
  • The knowledge and the experience of the welding equipment operators altogether with constant engineer attention ensure superb quality of welding.
  • Spot-Welding.
  • Diff erent types of sheet metal: mild Steel, galvanized sheet metal.
  • CPU operated TE90 ensures constant and fully repetitive accuracy and quality of welding.
  • Welding material gauge ranges from 0,5 up to 4 mm.
  • Longstanding experience in Spot-Welding.
  • Spotless, durable sheet metal confl ation.